International conference on mobile technology

16-17 march




International Mobile Conference #MBLT12 took place on March 2012, 12 in Moscow at the Digital October center. The organizers of the conference, where the key players of the mobile technology arena discussed the perspectives and opportunities of mobile development, were the e-Legion and dots'n'spaces companies.


7 panels were presented in the main hall: Mobile Manufacturers, Mobile Marketing, Internet of Things, Game Development, Mobile Browsers, Mobile Development and Mobile Advertising as well as two presentations: «Mobile internet in Russia» by Tarasov Mobile’s CEO Dmitry Tarasov and «Apps That Make Sense» by Opera's Marketing Coordinator Ilya Shpankov. The panels about production and promotion of apps, as well as Yandex Mobile Camp, in which the Yandex developers were sharing their experience in programming for mobile platforms, were on the special focus.


The main organizer of the conference, e-Legion’s CEO Alex Zverev, was also moderating the conference.


Section «Mobile Manufacturers»



The section “Mobile Manufacturers’’s moderator Olga Steidl, dots'n'spaces Owner and one of the conference’s co-organizers, has opened it. After presenting the speakers, among whom were Ola Larsén and Andrey Kiselev (BlackBerry) and Dmitry Gorilovsky (Yota), the discussion went on about the future of mobile devices.


Section «Mobile Marketing»



Daria Batukhtina was the section moderator. She is a skilled expert in communications and PR in Europe and Russia. During the sections, the speakers had time to discuss different cases on mobile applications’ promotion in Russia and other European countries. The section’s experts were mobile marketing gurus: Emin Aliev (Lumata Group), Zoe Adamovicz (Xyologic), Igor Schwarzmann (Third Wave), Ekaterina Zholobova (Nevosoft) and Andrei Rumyantcev (WapStart).


Speaking about the promotion problems and their difference for Russia and Europe, Daria Batukhtina mentioned: “The market is totally different. At the moment, there are just three million of Android devices and 1,5 million of iPhones in Russia. Business targets are rarely taken into account while speaking of mobile communications”.


Although, judging from her following words, the situation is changing. The potential of Russian mobile audience is very high: it is not overfed by mobile advertisement so much, it reacts to creative ideas and enthusiastically uses new opportunities of mobile marketing. Plus, the mentality of a Russian customer is pretty close to a European one – he is ready to make purchases with the help of a mobile device if there’s a comfortable way to do it.


Section «Internet of Things»



The Third Wave company’s Founder Igor Schwarzmann, together with Dmitry Gorilovsky (Yota), Eugeny Pavlov (HTC) and Denis Nochevnov (Megafon), discussed an actual nowadays’ topic of Internet of Things, A new level of Internet development, as it was mentioned by Cisco’s main futurologist Dave Evans.


Presentation «Apps That Make Sense»



«Tarasov Mobile» CEO Dmitry Tarasov shared some concrete cases about main tendencies on a smart mobile applications market with the public. The ones that are created for a concrete audience and are supposed to help the users to solve some conrcrete problem, without taking their time.


“Such examples inspire us in Tarasov Mobile and clearly show that a mobile device can not just entertain a user, but it can also help him keep the business in order, be a companion in daily chores and improve himself in something real, not just the skills of throwing the birds to the pigs”, - said Dmitry Tarasov.


Section «Game Development»



Lima Sky CEO Igor Pusenjak, and also an author of one of the most popular mobile games Doodle Jump, was a special guest who came from New York to Moscow to become an expert in a Game Development Section. With the assistants Mikhail Chernomordikov (Microsoft), Ekaterina Zholobova (Nevosoft), Ivan Belyj (Marmelad) and Alex Patsay (Mail.Ru Group), he spoke about the actual problems of mobile games production. Mikhail Denisov from “Alloka” was a moderator of the section.


Section «Mobile Browsers»



Nordic Agency AB’s CEO Leonid Bugaev was leading this section. What can we expect from LTE technology in Russia? A mobile site or a mobile application? This and other questions have been answered by Ilya Shpankov (Opera), Mikhail Dmitriev (ComputerBild), Konstantin Kichinskiy (Microsoft) and Rafael Stoffman (InfoGin).


Section «Mobile Development »



James Cameron, Camerjam’s CEO, was a moderator of this section. Other experts - Marcel Pirlich (Adspert), Max Mironchik (Intellectsoft), Dmitry Tarasov (Tarasov Mobile), Mikhail Chernomordikov (Microsoft) and Dmitriy Zaitsev (Devexperts). During the section, the speakers discussed the technical aspects of mobile apps’ creation.


Section «Mobile Advertising»



Section’s moderator Projjol Banerjea, «SponsorPay» representor, was discussing the issues of mobile advertisement together with Mikhail Maliy (Begun), Dmitry Lazarev (Out There Media Alexander Savin (Mail.Ru), Nikita Drozdov (Mobile Advertisement Centre) and Nick Mikhailovsky (POIdo). All the experts had limited time as the section was divided into 8 big parts.


Presentation «Mobile internet in Russia»



At the end of the conference, Ilya Shpankov from «Opera Software» made a great presentation with lots of statistics and conclusions about Opera’s future. According to his quite interesting opinion, “Web is our past, mobile technologies are our present, and TV is our future”.


Meanwhile, the guests could join a Yandex Mobile Camp that took place in a small hall: Yandex developers were sharing their experience in programming for mobile platforms.


Vlad Alekseev («How to begin an iOS development») spoke about the basics of the iOS development, and Roman Busygin - about an automatic installation of iOS projects. Windows Phone was presented in Konstantin Zaikin’s presentation (“How to start the WP7 development”) and his report about the counter for this platform. Alexei Dronov told about his experience in using Core Data – a simple and clear way to access the data. Andrei Subbotin spoke about problems of localization and ways of dealing with them.


As a result, the #MBLT12 program included not only the dialog with key players of the mobile technology arena, but also provided an opportunity to get to know the cutting-edge mobile developments of leading world companies. Top notch speakers, such as companies’ owners, directors, marketing and developers, delivered versatile presentations and leaded hands-on workshops for a broad audience.